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Turning your big day
into a cinematic memory.


Modern wedding photography + videography in the Ottawa and surrounding area.



Our style

We're all about creating high-quality, modern, and upbeat media that turns your big day into a cinematic memory.... fancy if you will!  With all of our imaging our Ottawa based photographers and videographers, balance both candid and posed shots to provide the couple with a library of both genuine, intimate, and fun memories for you and your family to relive. 

We care about the details. Everything from the venue, decor, and attire, and most importantly, you and your loved one. Part of our process is to sit down with the couple and get to know them before the wedding and hear the story. 

All of our wedding photography and cinematography is carefully planned and fully inspired by the personality of the two love birds. Our team of professional media producers come from a documentary background, so we're in the habit of doing our research before the big shoot day! 


Wedding Media packages

Flexible and relevant wedding video packages for your big day, and easily accessible and sharable across multiple channels.

Fancy Knot Wedding Media


Our work



We pride ourselves on our unique productions style. Our editors and cinematographers have spent countless hours researching and mastering the latest and greatest production techniques. Our goal is to provide a memory that you and your loved ones want to watch over and over again. 


Our approach


Be prepared.

Getting to know the couple, the venue, and the wedding staff are all things we check off our list before we shoot the wedding. We make sure we're prepared and equipped with the right knowledge. 

fancy knot wedding video

Be professional. 

This is a big one for us. We make sure we use the most suitable professional camera equipment for your wedding day. From slow motion cameras, drones, and high-end audio gear. We make sure we're not in the way, and we always play nice with photographers and wedding planners!


Be modern. 

Our goal is to always provide a wedding video that's enjoyable to watch, over and over. We take pride in our production process using a variety of different angles, and editing techniques that pack a big punch. We carefully select clips, music, and tempo to make sure it matches the atmosphere and personality of your wedding day. 


Our promise

We promise to listen to your priorities and take in to account every detail you want to capture in your wedding video. We never compromise quality for time and offer flexibility  with our shoot schedules. We don't nickel and dime our hourly services and we don't leave until we've captured everything we need. We only work with the best equipment, meaning we make sure all of our shots are well composed and usable. We strive for complete transparency and dedication to your story and we always welcome feedback during editing and shooting. 

About Fancy Knot

We're media professionals

We started making videos because we love doing it. What started out as a hobby and playing around with cameras as a teenager, soon became a passion and a career producing and creating high-end corporate videos. The corporate world treats us well,  but we were always looking for new ways to tell genuine stories and sample new creative techniques. Close friends started to see our work, and thought "hey, could you produce something modern for our wedding?" We of course said yes, and the rest is history. We're professional cinematographers, editors, and producers who make wedding videos simply because we love doing it.  We use the same processes, planning, and techniques from our past experiences and apply it to your big day.